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Important Notice


Important Notice:Warranty Policy 

SEA&SEA products are only covered by warranty when purchased through the official SEA&SEA distribution network. To find authorised SEA&SEA dealers and retailers, please contact the SEA&SEA distributor in your region: 

SEA&SEA products are designed for use underwater and for this very reason the products have to be properly handled, stored, maintained and prepared by trained professionals. SEA&SEA products offered online at unreasonably lower prices than normal for your region are most likely ‘gray market’ goods. Gray market goods are not usually stored or transported correctly and are not prepared by trained professionals at sale, which can lead to serious consequences including damage to other items (such as cameras and lenses) or even personal injury. 

SEA&SEA and its official distributors will not cover warranties or guarantee SEA&SEA products if purchased from unauthorized dealers or unauthorized online shops, or if the corresponding proof-of-purchase (sales receipt/invoice) or warranty certificate (issued by an official regional SEA&SEA dealer/distributor) is not produced when presenting a warranty claim.

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