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Digital SLR Camera Housings

Digital SLR Camera Housings

Digital SLR Camera Housings [MDX-series]
[ Discontinued Products ]
The SLR housing for the Nikon D300 is produced with the most advanced and ultra precise machining methods.
U/W Housing for Nikon D300


MDX-D300 Housing (Black) (Housing only)
(Product No.06134)

[Accessories] Housing body cap, camera quick shoe, hex wrench, CR2032 lithium battery, attachment tool

O-ring Set
(Product No.62138)
*Port is sold separately.
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Relevant Information

Replacement of the strobe sync connector (5-pin wired 竊 2-pin wired)
(Product No. 89056)
Customizing the housing offers additional functions. You can replace the 5-pin wired YS converter connector on the top of the housing with a 2-pin wired strobe connector for an additional cost. This modification provides two 2-pin wired strobe connectors so you can connect two SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes.
*This modification does not support automatic TTL flash adjustment.
*It requires the 5-pin Sync Cord/N.


Compatible with both the VF180 and VF45 1.2x viewfinders
By attachment of a 45ツー viewfinder (view magnification of 1.2x) with Amici prisms to the By attaching the VF180 1.2x or the VF45 1.2x prism viewfinder (magnification ratio of 1.2x) to a SEA&SEA housing, the magnification increases by 1.2x and entire field of view can be seen at the same time. Recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.
* Factory modification is required to install the viewfinder. Contact an official SEA&SEA dealer or distributor.
Manual adjustment is possible without releasing the grips
Designed for easy operation so you can comfortably reach the main command dial and sub-command dial with your fingers, while keeping your hands on the grips. Delicate operations are possible even while you are looking through the viewfinder. The larger diameter of frequently-used dials allows you to change the shutter speed or aperture value with a light touch while supporting the framing. This frees you, the photographer, to concentrate only on the perfect chance for a great picture.
TTL converter connector employed as standard
The included type-N 5-pin wired connector accepts the optional YS Converter/N. The converter works with the YS-Series strobes to provide automatic TTL flash adjustment.

*The converter requires the 5-pin Sync Cord/N for connecting to a strobe.
*The MDX-D300 housing comes from the factory with these type-N connectors: one 2-pin wired connector and one 5-pin wired connector.
*To use two SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes with the factory-equipped type-N connectors, you must use the 5-pin Dual Sync Cord/N.
    • Every detail of the housing is precision machined from a solid aluminum block to achieve a high-quality texture and design. All edges have been polished carefully for safety.
    • The housing is protected by a highly corrosion resistant anodized (black) coating. The coating protects the housing from environmental corrosion and abrasions.
    • Comes standard with two kinds of type-N connectors: one 2-pin wired connector (for manual) and one 5-pin wired connector (for dedicated TTL).
    • Equipped with a Optical Viewfinder 0.66x standard. Interchangeable 0.5x/0.8x viewfinders (optional) are also available.
    • The quick shoe makes the camera easy to install and remove from the housing.
    • A port lock mechanism secures the port from accidental loosening.
    • A built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage.
    • Strong and durable build, with a depth rating of up to 60m / 200ft.


[ MDX-D300 ]
[Construction]Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (machined) / anodized body
                  Grip: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy
[Depth rating]60m / 200ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)]330x163x136mm / 13.2x6.5x5.4inch
[Weight]Approx. 2500g / 87.5oz (Housing only)

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