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Innovative and skillful manufacturing
Thank you for accessing SEA&SEA SUNPAK Co., Ltd.'s homepage.

In January 2007, and aiming to be a unique company creating a diverse "everything in photographic/imaging communication" business that embraces customer satisfaction and happiness, we embarked on a new beginning.

The times and challenges sought by customers are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated. Consequently, what is now required is highly reliable solution capabilities underpinned by cutting-edge technology and abundant know-how. With these demands reflected in product development and services targeting all stakeholders, and based on objective evaluations from customers, we believe that carrying on with improvements in a prompt and high quality manner is supremely important.

We have therefore reviewed the challenges of wide-ranging departmental cooperation in development, planning, design, production, quality assurance, sales and marketing, promotions, customer service and so forth.

In what ways are highly-functional digital goods people-friendly and how will they alleviate the impact on the environment? At the same time, and aiming for maximum customer satisfaction, we will continue to consistently provide the best solutions in each and every process, and together with aspiring to be a global "unique corporation", seek to create more and more unique products and services in striving to maximize corporate and product value.

The mission of the SEA&SEA and SUNPAK brands is to evoke the various emotions induced by the photographic and imaging communication business, to gauge the harmony of nature and technology, as well as continuing to contribute to a society overflowing with dreams.

We will also sensitively respond to the trends of the rapidly changing times, thinking through the needs demanded of us from scratch, and continue to practice outstanding service.

We will continue to meet customer expectations and render innovative ideas as products. Facing numerous challenges head-on, it is our desire to concentrate on prompt and skillful manufacturing.

We kindly ask for your increased patronage and support.

Company Profile
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