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Press Release 2009

New Product Release :MDX-PRO 5D Mark II


New Product Release :MDX-PRO 5D Mark II

An even sturdier, more aggressive style. To the forefront of a digital world that affects the five senses.

MDX-PRO 5D Mark II Housing (Dark olive metallic) (Housing only)
(Product No. 06149)

[Accessories] Housing body cap, camera quick shoe, hex wrench, CR2032 lithium battery, attachment tool
*Port is sold separately.

●Design that pursued compactness to the utmost limit
The new style of MDX series housings based on the premise of a professional level of photographic representation employs an even more aggressive design by integrating smooth curves and sharp edges. With the standard thickness of aluminum material being made even thinner than that of conventional models, we realized a reduction in size while maintaining rigidity.

●Realizing even more comfortable manual operation
Thoroughly pursued a unique structure where the fingers easily reach the main dial and the quick control dial. As a result, succeeded in moving the quick control dial closer to the grip than what is found in conventional models by adjusting the chassis within the housing. With a hand on the grip, snappy adjustment of the shutter/aperture can be made. An appropriate amount of clearance not found anywhere else realizes a high level of holding, which delivers an ideal shooting position.

AE lock/FE lock/Index/Reduce / AF point selection/Magnify lever was also changed from the conventional slide-switching type to an up-down, combinable type. Of course, the reverse slant (diagonal) button from the original configuration is still around. Even more active functionality and styling are combined at high dimension.

●Uses a lightweight and durable aluminum body that can withstand even the most severe shooting environments.

The aluminum material used in MDX series housings makes it possible to manufacture a body that is both lightweight and strong. The all-new high-rigidity, high-durability, high-precision MDX series demonstrates the highest levels of performance under a variety of shooting conditions.

●Controls almost all of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Zoom in with double tapping.