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New product release: MDX-GRD IV


New product release: MDX-GRD IV

Compact Digital Camera Housing

The GR Digital IV camera's operability is not compromised underwater.
Housing for a premium full featured compact camera, the Ricoh GR Digital IV.

MDX-GRD IV housing(Black)(Housing only)


●Designed to be compact and lightweightErgonomically designed MDX-GRD IV is a precision machined underwater housing made from a solid block of aluminum alloy.The housing is compact and has a small internal volume reducing excess buoyancy.

●Two Fiber-optic cable sockets By inserting the Fiber-optic Cable L-type into the housing connector, an external strobe will be optically connected to the camera’s built-in flash enabling full-featured strobe photography and creative lighting expression.

●The DX-1G/2G port bayonet mount is employed The Wide-angle Conversion Lens for DX-1G (optional) can be mounted on the port of the housing.
The bayonet mount allows you to easily attach the lens to the housing.  The lens can be attached and detached underwater.  (The lens is wet-mountable.)
* When the lens is mounted, the angle of view increases from 28mm to about 18mm (35mm film camera equivalent).
* Shadow of the lens will appear in images if the camera’s built-in flash is used when the lens is mounted.  Use of an external strobe is recommended.

●The LCD Monitor Hood with Lens (optional) can be mounted. The monitor hood covers the entire LCD preventing unnecessary reflections and glare while helping to provide clear images from corner to corner.
●An SA8 M10 Fixed Ball Base can be directly mounted to allow Sea Arm 8 components to be attached.
●The housing can be easily opened and locked with the rotary latches and hinges.
●The Sea Arm 8 or the Sea Arm 7 can be mounted utilizing screw mounts on the bottom of the housing.  Up to two external strobes can be fixed.
* The housing is compatible with the Ricoh GR Digital lll camera.  However, if using the GR Digital III the user must switch off the AF fill light control to ensure compatibility.

Construction:Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, galvanized (black)
Depth rating:55m / 180ft
Dimensions (WxHxD):158x99x88mm / 6.3x4.0x3.5 inches (including the port)
Weight:Approx. 800g / 28.0oz (housing alone)
Underwater weight:Approx. 230g / 8.1oz (including the camera)
Compatible strobes:YS-01、YS-02、YS-110α、YS-D1 and YS-250 PRO as of April 2012

Zoom in with double tapping.