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Product Information


SA8 Ball Base for Accessory Shoe II
Mounts on the housing’s accessory shoe; now more user-friendly.
Used to mount a YS series strobe.
Strobe Head M
Longer than SA8 Strobe Head S. Used to mount a YS series strobe.
Double Strobe Head
Two strobes or lights or a combination can be mounted on the double head for various lighting options.
Double Ball Strobe Head
A SA8 Strobe Head can be attached to this component.
Fixed Ball Base
Attaches to the Housing Grip and the Extra Grip and holds a Double Ball Arm with the Ball Clamp.
Camera Tray Extension
This component provides comfortable grip when you hold the housing with two strobes attached.
Extra Grip
Ergonomically designed grip.
Camera Tray Adapter
Adapter to connect the Camera Tray and the Extra Grip. The position of the grip can be adjusted sideways.
Camera Tray + Grip
Grip with universal camera housing tray compatible with most compact camera housings on the market.
Hot Shoe Arm
This shoe arm attaches to a housing port or an accessory shoe on the Multi Strobe Ringφ100mm. Accepts small strobes, Shutter-Activated Focus Light.
Zoom in with double tapping.