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10-Megapixel Compact Underwater Digital Camera System.
DX-1G Camera and Housing Set
DX-1G Camera and Housing Set (Black)
Product No.06581
  • Macro mode that enables you to bring the lens as close as 1cm / 0.4inch to the subject
    Macro mode is most convenient when you are taking an enlarged picture of a small object. It allows you to place your lens very close to the subject, as close as 1cm / 0.4inches (on the wide-angle setting). Use the super-macro features of the camera to get near small creatures and other objects to obtain optimum images and enjoyment from the beautiful and enchanting underwater environment.
  • Equipped with SEA&SEA mode for optimum underwater photography
    The SEA&SEA mode, which captures the beautiful blue color of the sea, is a still picture mode that has been developed for underwater photography.

    Program mode

    SEA&SEA mode
  • The wide-angle conversion lens is for photographing a broad area
    When you want to photograph a large object or a vast natural environment, or when you want to include as much of a large subject as possible in your image - that is when the wide-angle conversion lens is effective.

    Equivalent to an angle of view of 24mm : value on the land Standard lens

    Equivalent to an angle of view of 16mm : value on the land With the wide-angle conversion lens for DX-1G
DX-1G Other Features
  • The camera is equipped with a 1/1.75-inch charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor having 10.01 million effective pixels, which offers superior resolution and the ability to vividly record every detail of your precious moments. (The maximum recordable number of pixels is 3648x2736)
  • The focal length of the 3x optical zoom lens is 5.1 to 15.3mm, or 24 to 72mm on a conventional 35mm film camera. The lens has a maximum aperture (f-stop value) from f2.5 to f4.4. The perspective can be adjusted precisely according to your style with the wide-angle setting to capture the dynamic environment. In addition, unique visual effects can be used to enhance your pictures.
  • Compatible with RAW data storage.
  • The camera is equipped with a 2.5-inch, 230,000-pixel LCD monitor.
  • The recording medium is MMC or an SDHC / SD memory card. It is equipped with a 26MB built-in memory.
  • Equipped with two fiber-optic cable sockets.
  • Equipped with a built-in flashlight diffuser.
  • Outer hood and inner hood for LCD monitor.
  • The highest reliability with a depth rating of 55m / 180ft.
DX-1G [Construction]Polycarbonate
[Depth rating]55m / 180ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)]158x109x109mm / 6.3x4.4x4.4inch
[Weight]Approx. 510g / 17.9oz (excluding hand strap)
[Underwater weight]Approx. -110g / -3.9oz
Brochure & Manual Download
DX-1G Download
Instruction Manual for "DX-1G" manual_wvn2.pdf(5.48MB)
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