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Leak sentinel V5 XB

Product No.46128
The battery is located in the housing and separated from the main body. As a result the main body has been drastically shortened. (protruding length reduced from 37mm to 24mm.)   
the XB enables uses an easily-obtainable CR2032 battery.
Housings Accessories

Leak Sentinel V5

Product No.46125
Lets you check the housing's water-tight integrity before diving.
Aithough small in size, the Leak Sentinel V5 is equipped with an pressure sensor and built-in LED along with an external vacuum pump.
The pump creates a vacuum inside the housing, the sensor detects any leaks and the lights let you know if it is safe to drive or not.

*The leak Sentinel V5 is fited into the housing's accessory port and is compatible with some older SEA&SEA housings with accssory ports. Contact compatible housings.

*Equipped with Low Battery Warning function.

*Battery life is approximately one hundred hours.
[Dimensions(W×H)] Φ20mm×48mm / Φ0.8×1.9inches
[Weight]Apporx.30g / 1oz
[Depth rating] 100m / 330ft
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Leak sentinel Electric Pump

Product No.46126
Housings Accessories

Leak sentinel Manual Pump

Product No.46127
Housings Accessories

Optional Leak Sensor

Product No.46115
The sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage by super luminosity LED lighting up.
Zoom in with double tapping.