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Ergo Grip ver.2
Ergonomic design allows you to hold the grips naturally and with ease.
Grip-Stay L II
Grips and base stay with adjustable horizontal width and angle.
Grip-Stay S
The tray and arm hold your camera and housing and a compact underwater strobe or a compact underwater video light. A Fiber-Optic Cable (L-type) can be laced into the arm (grip) for easy operation.
Mini Shoe Arm
This mini shoe arm attaches to a housing port or an accessory shoe on the Multi Strobe Ringφ100mm. Accepts small strobes, Shutter-Activated Focus Light.
Bracket Shoe
The SA8 Slide Ball Base (comes complete with fixing screws) can be used by mounting the Bracket Shoe onto the SA8 Camera Tray + Grip22118 or SA8 Extra Grip.
Zoom in with double tapping.