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Equipped with a high-performance HID lamp that has a max. brightness of 1,750 lumens.
U/W Video Light
Product No.09106
  • Can be used for a variety of applications including as a video camera, digital camera, and diving light.
    With use of a highly efficient, high-performance HID (metal halide) lamp, it can provide approx. three times (75W) as much light, even compared to halogen lamps with the same output. With a color temperature of 6500K, which approaches that for sunlight during midday, this lamp can be said to be the perfect light for underwater shooting.
  • When used as a video light, mount the light to the Sea Arm using the accessory adapter for camera arm.
    When used as a dive light, fix the Hand Grip to the light.
LX-24HID Other Features
  • LED power indicator on the main body shows how much battery power is remaining (green: FULL, amber, red: Low).
  • Powered using a rechargeable Li-ion battery with less memory effect.
  • Max. of 120 minutes of continuous lighting with a fully charged battery.
  • With 3 light filters for different lighting purposes: "Diffusion," to widen the beam angle and to change from sport to flood; "Yellow," for better visibility when foggy; and "Amber," to bring the color temperature down to 5600K.
  • With a multi-volt type of charger that supports 100V to 240V. Can be used for charging overseas as is.
  • Features an overpressure relief valve for safety. Equipped with an explosion-proof valve as a fail-safe measure to protect against rupture, etc. due to internal chemical reaction dynamics or differences in pressure between internal and external.
  • * Can be used out of water (for a max. of 60min.).
LX-24HID [Bulb type] 24W HID
[Light output] 1750 lumens
[Beam angle] 36° (90° with diffusing filter)
[Run time] Approx. 120min.
[Battery] Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
[Color temperature] 6,500K (at max. light intensity)
[Charging time] Approx. 6 hours using the exclusive charger
[Battery charger] Input voltage AC 100V - 240V
[Depth rating] 120m / 400ft
[Dimensions (DIA×D)] 75x250mm / 3.0x10inch (not including projections)
[Weight] Approx. 1,550g / 54.3oz (underwater: Approx. 700g / 24.5oz)
[Construction] Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Brochure & Manual Download
LX-24HID Download
Instruction Manual for "LX-24HID" manual_3Q5H.pdf(1.9MB)
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  • Set Items [Accessories] Storage bag, filters, multi-volt battery charger, adapter for camera arm, aluminum handle bar, hand strap, fixing bolt, hex wrench
Related Information Promotional movie showing features of the LX-24HID light with image samples taken with the light
Taken by Mr. Takuya Nakamura / SEA&SEA.  Location: Osezaki, Izu peninsular, Japan)
*Click “YouTube” to link there. During video play, the resolution (360p, 480p) can be changed for higher quality.
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