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YS Converter/C

Instruction manual states a fresh battery lasts for 24 hours till battery warning is activated (the power lamp flashes) after that the battery lasts for 12 hours. How many flashes (shots) does a battery last?
The battery lasts for total 36 hours and this is not depleted by flashes. During the operating time of 36 hours you can trigger your strobe(s) as many times as you wish.
Can the 5-pin Dual Sync Cord be used with the Internal YS Converter/C? If so, can four strobes be connected to the converter? Is quadruple-strobe TTL photography possible?
The 5-pin Dual Sync Cord can be used with the Internal YS Converter/C under the following conditions: Each Dual Sync Cord must be connected to strobes in the same strobe mode (please refer to the below for the details).

For example, with the MDX-5D Mark lll, one Dual Sync Cord can be connected to a YS-D1 and a YS-110α and the other Dual Sync Cord can be connected to a YS-90DX and a YS-60.

With the MDX-6D, one Dual Sync Cord can be connected to two YS-D1 strobes and the other Dual Sync Cord is connected to two YS-110α strobes.
  MDX-5D Mark lll MDX-6D
Strobe mode A YS-D1/YS-110α/YS-120 YS-D1
Strobe modeB YS-250PRO YS-250PRO
Strobe modeC YS-90DX/YS-90AUTO/YS-90Duo/YS-60 YS-110α
Strobe modeD YS-110 This mode is not used
When two strobes are connected through one of the bulkheads connectors (with the 5-pin Dual Sync Cord), is TTL-strobe photography possible with one strobe if the other strobe is turned off?
TTL-strobe photography is possible with only one strobe when the other is turned off.
For TTL-strobe photography, which position should the light adjustment dial on strobes be set to?
Any position. Light intensity control is not possible on strobes during TTL-strobe photography.
When four strobes are connected to Internal YS Converter/C, if switched to manual, is it possible to control each strobe's light intensity on the strobes?
Yes it is. In manual mode, light intensity can be controlled on each strobe.
When different strobes models are connected, will TTL-exposure control be accurate? What results could Iexpect?
TTL exposure accuracy may differ depending on strobe models used. When different strobe models are placed right and left of the housing, illumination may vary slightly across the frame. If you demand stable and accurate TTL exposure, we recommend using the same strobe models.
When two strobes are connected to the Internal YS Converter/C in TTL mode, if a strobe with slave function is connected with a fiber-optic cable to one of the hardwired strobes, will the third (slave) strobe synchronize in DS-TTL mode and manual mode?
Yes it will as long as the performance of the hardwired strobe is compatible with the strobe connected with thefiber-optic cable. Test the system before use.
When purchasing a new housing for Canon, can users transplant the Internal YS Converter/C from the MDX-5D Mark lll or the MDX-6D to the new housing?
No, it is not possible. Doing so will void the warranty.
Zoom in with double tapping.