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Housings Accessories

Strobe cover (only for YS-D3)

Product No.51291
The surface is made of a fine mesh skin with a fine mesh finish.
Neoprene strobe cover on the back.
Housings Accessories


Product No.28115
A strobe adaptor which narrows the beam angle to be directed at a target point. Diameter of the opening 25mm. Designed with internal prism which aligns target light`s light axis and strobe`s light axis to the center.
Housings Accessories

Dome diffuser

Product No.28116
Increases beam angle to 150°×170°. Essential accessory when fisheye lens is used, or soft light is required.
+ Guide number will drop to -1.5EV when it is fitted.
Housings Accessories

Flash prism

Product No.50127
Optical guiding device to fire the strobe when a fiber-optic cable is not used. This device is for manual use only. The device is effective if multiple strobes are used in a fixed position.  However, the flash may not fire depending on the position of where multiple flashes are occurring in relation to that of the master flash.
Housings Accessories

Diagonal ball base (only for YS-D3)

Product No.28117
A ball base inclined at 35 ° compared to the straight type. This makes it easier to lower the strobe backwards, making it suitable for shooting when using a dome port. Also, when a Synchro Cord N is installed, interference between the cord and the ball clamp is minimized.
Housings Accessories

YS base (common to YS-D1 / D2 / D3)

Product No.28114
Traditional YS base. Easy vertical swing.
Housings Accessories

Diffuser for YS-D3(Standerd accessory)

Product No.28118
Housings Accessories

Diffuser100 for YS-D1/D2

Product No.28111
Housings Accessories

Diffuser120 for YS-D1/D2

Product No.28112
Housings Accessories

Diffuser for YS-01/02/03 (Standard accessory)

Product No.28109
Housings Accessories

Strobe Mask Set

Product No.50109
Stick the Velcro tape to the underwater housing covering the camera’s built-in flash. Connect the Fiber-Optic Cable.
*The Velcro tape to be cut off in accordance with the shape of the housing.
*Compatibility depends on the model of the housing.

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Zoom in with double tapping.